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Newbie's 90 Lex With Pics.


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Hi. I'm new to the forum and to the Lexus family. Just got my car with the bodykit installed and painted, new 20" rims. A 3.5" screen DVD player in the dash and 2-11" screens in the headrests. All seats are redone with red vinyl. Timing belt, serpentine belt, spark plugs, distributer coils, caps and wires changed. New power antenna. But, still got a lot to do. Below are two pics I snapped earlier today. I'll take interior pics soon. Let me know what y'all think, and what I should do next.



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That's sweet! Has your suspension been lowered and do your wheels rub under certain conditions. I still have the stock wheels but can't figure out if I should go with 18"s or 20"s.

Again, nice ride.


I've never touched the suspension yet, so, it should still at stock height. The wheels do rub since I had 255/35/20 instead of 225 or something like that. So, I cut the rear wheel well lips and the rear wheels don't rub anymore. The front, because the wheels stick out too far due to 1" spacer to clear the brake caliper, do rub, but, the looks compensate for the rubbing. If I have another choice, I would still go with 20". But make sure I get a set with narrower tires and have high brake caliper clearance. I got a ton of questions about this car, but, I guess I'll let everyone rest for the Chrismas. I'll be back and bother some of the Lexus gurus here later, lol. Peace/

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