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i have a 93 es 300 just today while i was driving i saw another 93 es have his low beams and his high beams on at the same time. the high beams were not bright as how a normal one would blind you. it looked the same as the low beams. he was behind me with all of it on including the fogs. looked so nice

so if it can be done, by any chance is it against the law to be running your high beams on with your low beams together?

thanks in advance. :cheers:

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The high & low beams do run together.

With stock wiring, the fog lights only operate with the low beams, tho a tiny re-work on the wiring to the relay solves that.

Hey, I've always been curious on how to have only the parking lights on and the fogs. I did the cheater's way of disabling the Daytime Running Lights, but I just wanted to see how my Ultra-blue fogs would look alone. Is there an easy way to do it?

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