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Hid Or Not


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I previously had a '01, and an '04 RX with HID. I just purchased a '04 GX (all with navi) and I can't tell if the vehicle has HID head lights.

The RX seemed very bright and appeared to take a moment to "warm up" if you will.

My GX was stolen from the port on arrival (back in '04) and I'm wondering these head lights were stolen and replaced with standard bulbs.

Am I off my rocker or is there away to tell what I have and what I should have?


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Ooooo thanks "G" man.

You would be surprised how many Lexus employees didn't know the answer to this question.


You are so right, one salesman I talk to insisted that the GX had HID. Most people I talk to thinks the GX has HID because of the projector lens. On the other hand, one can install an after market HID for about 300 to 400 dollars. The OEM projector lens works very well with HID headlights.

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The OEM projector lens works very well with HID headlights.

You are totally correct. I've seen a co-4Runner owner who has an 06 with the projectors, and he installed a 6000k HID kit, looks beautiful. Looks like OEM except that it doesn't level. Made me actually a little jealous and am really thinking hard on whether I should do it or not. His only costed $250 and he says they're good stuff. I forgot the website but it's not xenondepot. Xenondepot.com is expensive though. :wacko: :)

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