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Power Antenna Mast Install Question


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I bought a power antenna mast from ebay and installed it following all the instructions. Before the install I removed the excess cable from the motor. My problem is that the new antenna does not retract all the way down so it becomes flush, an inch and a half is sticking out. Is there any way to adjust the motor to pull in the rest of it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. By the way I am new to the forums...

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Could be that part of the old antenna is still stuck in the spool or the new one is too long. They are pretty easy to remove and crack open (four to five screws) to see what is going on.

Can you hear the motor stilling running after the antenna is down as far as it is going to go or does the motor stop when the antenna stops?

If it continues to run, their may be a piece from the old antenna still in there. If it stops when the antenna does, then the new antenna may be too long - maybe trim it down a little at a time.

Good Luck.

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