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New Shoes. Look And Feedback


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My thanks to forum member Logg for showing me how good this looks!

_______Wheels are OEM 18s from 04 and later LS430.______

___I think they look better on this gen than the 430.___

___________What do you think?_____________

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When I first saw the thumbnails (which you can't really see anything with), I was a little skeptical. But when I opened them up, those are the hotness. They look awesome! Where did you find them, or did you just get them from the dealer? When I find an LS I like, I'll seriously consider upgrading to those rims.

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There is less road feel increase than i expected. Most noticable at parking lot speeds.

On the HiRoad it actually feels better, I think mainly because the Michelin Pilot HX MXV4 is abetter tire than the Toyo.

I went from a 225/60/16 to a 245/45/18. I was looking at inflated circumference to fill the well.

Tirerack.com is helpful. Also try http://www.dakota-truck.net/ then link to the tire and wheel calculator.

The wheels came from eBay. The main concern there is getting bent/roadrashed wheels. Getting wheels there one must be careful. Communication and seller feedback are key.

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