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Gs300 00 Cup Holder Can't Close

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I'm a 2 nd owner of 2000 gs300 black/black with 51 k miles... i bought this car 3 years ago with 39k.

the car run good with new tires and brakes.

i didn't use much the cup holder, but last week, i pushed to open it, since then can't close it.

Please helps if anyone get the same problem, show me how to fix it.

Thanks :whistles:

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With the key on, engine off, set the parking brake. Move the shifter into "D" or lower. Open and pull out the entire ashtray assembly (including the trim around it). Disconnect the wire to the lighter socket and set the ashtray aside.

Open the center console. Grip the rear edges of the wooden console trim with your fingers and pull upward about two inches. Disconnect the three connectors from the switches mounted in the wooden panel. Pull the wooden panel upward and away from the dash.

The cupholder is fastened to the panel with screws. You will likely find something stuck in it, such as change, etc.

Reassembly is the reverse of removal.

Don't be surprised if one or more of the lamps in the switches just happens to burn out after reassembly. This often happens when the panel is bumped during servicing. If you are unlucky, you will need to order the bulbs for the appropriate switch(s) from a Lexus parts dept. Lexus is the only source of the correct lamps.

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