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Guage Cluster Flickers When Brake Applied


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The guage cluster flickers for a split second when I apply the brakes only when the headlights are off. If the headlights/parking lights are on the guage cluster never flickers. If I don't want the flicker and the headlights off, I must turn the cluster dimmer switch until it clicks which makes the guage cluster really bright. 1991 LS400, pre-automatic headlights here. Most of the time I run with at least the parking lights on to avoid this. Any suggestions or experience on this out there? Thanks!

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I was wondering when this question was going to pop back up this year. It seems like it always comes up in winter. 91Lexus, oddly enough, it's pretty normal. Of course, depending on how much it flickers. I mean if it's going dark, then no, that's not normal. But if it's a slight dimming kind of flicker, then I wouldn't worry about it too much. My 95 has done this as well, in fact that battery down in my signature was installed becuase of this exact question, and yet it still does it. I just attribute it to the fact the car is over a decade old, and the wiring probably is a bit brittle and is affected by the dropping temp's. Mine is a very slight flicker, right when the rear brake lights come on, then it comes back to normal. Is this what you're experiencing as well?

Haven't seen the "crunch" question yet regarding cold bushings....global warming maybe??

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Yes 211, that's exactly the symptoms. It is ever so slight when the brakes are applied, but unless your looking right at the guage cluster you'd miss the flicker. Actually, after replacing the battery it's only the first time I touch the brakes in the morning. After that the flicker is gone until the next day. But again if I run the lights it doesn't do this ever. Guess I'll just have to live with it...

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