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I want to get a new alternator because I plan on installing a new sound system among other things. What I need to know is what is the output of the stock alternator that came with the 92 ES'. I hear its 100 amps, but then again, I hear its 80. I'm confused. I plan on replacing the alternator with this one: http://www.luxurymods.com/ProductDetail.ph...24&fid=1011

I know what the description says, but I just want to have that sense of security that 175 amps will suffice for my sound needs. I'm also aware of the much cheaper Higlander alternator but like I said before, I need that sense of security for a high-output Alternator.

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Here's a link with some food-for-thought of how much output you need in an alternator for how much power you are going to be running through your system. http://experts.about.com/q/Car-Radio-Stere...-alternator.htm

I've got a 1000W amp and a 50Wx4 head unit and I'm running the stock alternator with no caps, but I ran a clean power wire to the battery. I don't have any problems what so ever... no flickers in the headlights with a bass 'thump'... everything is clean and tight.

Upgrading your alternator depends on how high-power your system is going to be. That alternator you are looking at will drive a huge system, a row of Hella Daylighters, and power a small village :-)

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