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Regular Scan Tool Vs. Lexus Scan Tool


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I'm interested in buying an ODB-II scanner. Since I'm an IT person, I would prefer a device that just plugs into my laptop. When looking through the RX300 Repair Manual, I see references to instructions for ODB-II scanners and the Lexus Scan Tool. It appears that the Lexus tool allows you to do more and/or read more data.

Does anyone know if you can buy software to replicate the same functionality as the Lexus scanner? I want to make sure that I buy the right thing, but of course, I don't want to spend a ton of money.

Any thoughts?

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I don't know about custom Lexus codes, but I have successfully diagnosed a coupled of minor "engine light" issues with a Davis CarChip (thermostat problem and emission problem that turned out to simply be a loose gas cap - no SS gas in NJ :( ). I have found that Google is your friend for diagnostic codes.

The CarChip is neat; monitors trips, flags hard accel, braking. Inexpensive too. Just connects to laptop and downloads info. Also has an option to turn off the engine light which I have used on my "other" car (Ford).

(I have no affiliation, just a satisfied customer).

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I found this info on another site, that better explains what I was asking.

Proprietary Sensor Readings

Though not part of the EPA's OBD II standard, the diagnostic read-outs used by dealership technicians are also read through the OBD II connector. These service codes show you such things as knock sensor operation, FI pulse width, ignition voltage, individual cylinder misfires, transmission shift points and ABS brake condition. There can be over 300 readings available, depending on the vehicle manufacturer and model. Vehicles vary in the readings they will support. Scanners vary widely in the number of these signals that they can read. Some show just the basic OBD or OBD II signals, others show the full range of service codes.

Does anyone know of an OBD II scanner that can read all the Lexus proprietary sensor readings?

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If you do a Google search for scanners or look at the Actron site you will see that they make low end scanners and high end versions. I have borrowed a very nice one from Advance Auto that reads the codes in my 97 Mustang. I assume that there are things read by the high end one that the low end one does not do. Try reading some of the info at the Actron site and see what they have to say about codes and other manufacturers information.


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After doing quite a bit of research, I went with the recommendation of the Company that

rebuilt my transmission.

I purchased an:

Equus - Innova --

3140 Scan Tool CanOBD2&1 Kit™


I don't remember where I got it but a google search will turn it up.

I paid about $ 235 which is half of what the Manuf. Sug. Retail Price is.

I put it on my RX300 1999 and it turned up no codes.

I have not run it in the "dynamic" mode yet ...where it is running as the car is moving.

So far I'm happy... lots of features... and at the price of shop work; this is a bargain.


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