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Mystery Alarm Activation


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I lubricated the door pins, and checked the trunk light. Still, the alarm has a mind of its' own and goes off by itself. My daughter says it only goes off if the car is left unlocked. I can't be sure of this.

Anyone have any other ideas? Is there a separate fuse that is only for the alarm system? If so, I could just pull that fuse. I know........out of sight.....out of mind.

I'm not sure if this is related, but the heating system is acting up when it's real cold outside. On Sunday (very cold morning) I started the car, and put the heater control on manual while still cold. The control unit would not stay on. I could hear the motors in the dash moving the dampers, but as soon as I took my finger off the control button the heater would go off. Same thing happened when in auto position. I decided to take the radio and heater control unit out. I took the control unit all apart, cleaned it all up, and re-installed it. So far, so good. If it acts up again, I plan on swapping out that control unit with the unit in my '98 ES.

Again, I'm not sure if the two issues are related. Could a bad ground be causing both?



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