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Is250 Awd

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Looking at the IS 250awd what a beauty but notice when I sat in the AWD box was hitting my legs for all who have the car has this been a problem for you?

funny, you're the first post I've seen to notice that, and I figured that I just didn't remember properly. I was surprised by it when I test drove the 250. It didn't bother me too much but I went with the 350. with VDIM and good snow tires who needs the AWD!

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I drive an 2006 AWD and I don't mind the AWD "bump" Box at all. I didn't even notice it until my Fiance sat in it and pointed it out. On long drives I actually like it because you can sit back with the cruise on and let your calf/leg rest on it keeping your foot close to the gas and break.

On a side note I think that AWD does make a big difference between an RW even with VDIM - 4 wheels with the ability to drive is always better than two especially driving up hills and while accelerating through turns.

(I'd like to hear from someone who has driven both in the snow for a period of time though.)

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Go watch a GT race in the rain and see how badly the BMW and Porsche cars get owned by Audi's in the turns....

They weigh more and don't have the straight line performance of a tuned BMW or turbo Porsche, but if you drive like an enthusiast at all then you'll appreciate it....but you probably don't drive like that.

I wish Lexus made a more sporting car, I've decided to stick with the Germans on my next purchase.

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