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92 Sc400 Igniter


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I have a 92 sc400 with 179K miles I just had my engine replaced everything seem to be going fine until my mechanic told me that the idle was off and suggested I replace the wires. So he did and after doing so now it won't start at all. You turn the key and it sounds like it wants to start but nothing happens. So after checking the crank sensors he thinks it's the igniter modules. So I picked up 2 modules from a salvage yard we tried those still the same thing. I'm wondering is there any way to test the modules to see if they are working? It seems odd that I would have encountered 4 bad modules. If it's not the modules his next guess is the ecu. Is there anyway to test the ecu? does anyone have any other ideas of what might be wrong?

Thanks for any help you can give.

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