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Finius T. Cluster Problem


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Boy, you have to be really old to recognize the Howdy Doody reference....

Anyway, my nice '94 LS with 111,000 miles has a slow to work gas gauge. Works better when it's warm, eventually gets up to the correct level. Everything else on the display works great, which I'm sure will deteriorate over time, based on a lot of other comments.

The question is: I've been looking to have the cluster spruced up, but I noticed that several E Bay places exempt the gas gauge problem as part of their repair of the cluster. Which (the light dawns) now makes me think it might not be a display problem, but maybe a part of a gas tank level/sender problem? Especially since everything works fine on the remainder on the cluster display.

I'd ask Buffalo Bob Smith, but he's at the Final Repair shop. So your comments/suggestions are appreciated.

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