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Some Reviews, Really Just Pixs! :)


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Quick background: Detailing cars since early 1990’s and always look for better products. Started with the old-school Blue coral, butchers wax etc. Now this……

Just did a quick 3.5-hour exterior detail.

1. Washed with Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine; 2 bucket method

2. Clayed (yellow; forgot brand bought from Pat at Excel) using Blue Mist Final wipe as Lube...love that stuff

3. Applied Jeff Werkstatt Prime Strong using the one and only Makita 9227C using LC white pad @ 1,100 rpms. Waited 30 minutes to remove by hand using MF towel. Easy as pie if you apply with the “3 drop method per panel”. Thanks to Scott waxJ

4. Applied Jeff Werkstatt Acrylic Jett with LC Blue pad @ 1,1000 RPMS on Makita. Again easy to remove if you do not apply to much

5. Used Chemical Guys Liquid Extreme Shine on lower plastic (under doors).

6. Used CG Grim Reaper on rims. Sucked compared to PB wheel cleaner.

7. Tires where cleaned with Optimum Tire shine. Equal to PB BnB and cheaper! Love it!

8. Rims sealed with PB EX-P.

9. Lastly used CG 5050 wax to add some pop. Can you tell?

So, cleaning wheel with CG GRIM REAPER - Heavy Duty Grease&Grime Remover. They say it can be used on filthy wheels. So far, it does not clean like PB wheel cleaner.





After: see the film it did not clean?


Being Clayed (20 minutes)


Using JW Prime Strong; 3 drops per panel.


Just did fender:


All done:


Now using JW AJ with blue LC pad.



Optimum Tire shine (before):


Optimum Tire shine (being sprayed):


Optimum Tire shine (wiped; done):


10- minutes after being wiped:


Chemical Guys Liquid Extreme Shine (compare):


All done #1:


All done #2:


All done #3:


Going back in for Chemcial Guys 5050 wax (#134):

CG 5050 #1: Apply it like JE AJT and it goes on and off with ease.


CG 5050 #2: I just take a MF pad and touch the 5050 wax once. Then rub panel down

and look for high spots.


All done with everything (and 5050 wax). Does it look any different??????I cannot tell. Will do another coat tomorrow; in garage all night





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Mine got LOUD as they got older too.

Please do not say that. :D I was taking bullets left/right when I got them and said they where loud. Maybe trying something else next time. I have about 30K on them and lasting pretty good.

Oh, put on another 2 more coats of 5050 with 24 hours cure time in between. Either it is me or it is getting more wet.

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They were nice and quiet at first for me. The noise set in between 20-30k. My guess is if you replaced them you'd be shocked by how quiet the car is on new tires.

Figure shocks will be need with 2 years along with tires. Any good links for KYB? shocks?

then again with a 14 month old in the back, tire noise is nothing! LOL

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Oops...missed a bit of wax residue around the fuel filler door. :whistles:

Sweet looking ES...the two-tone black/grey color really looks awesome.

IMHO, this car was MADE to be two-tone. I don't really like it too much seeing some of them repainted a monotone color.

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