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Srs Warning Light


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Hi all. I plan on talking to the dealer about this but I wanted to get ya'lls input as well.

It seems vacation grimmlins are coming out. We plan on leaving for a well deserved weeks vacation on Tuesday and will be packing in the LX. But last week I cracked my tooth, prompting a visit to the dentist Monday. Then on my way back from the Aransas Wildlife Refuge yesterday my SRS warning light began blinking. Since I'll be in San Antonio tomorrow having my tooth looked at I plan on driving by the dealership to have it checked out. That worries me as we will be leaving the following day.

Has anyone else exerienced an SRS light?

Thanks. :(

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Well that definitely needs to be looked at. SRS isnt something you can just shrug off. Although the SRS light could come from several different places, not just from the airbags. My friends E350 gives him a warning "SRS malfunction" and he takes it to the dealer to find out that the rotors are warped, and his brakes are a little messed up or something so that is where they think it is coming from. the SRS light could mean different things.

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:cheers: Another update on SRS light. Dealer informed me they may have knocked one of the SRS wires loose while installing headrest monitors, causing break in circuit. They found wire and resecured it. It's been three days since they've returned it to me and so far no warning light!
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