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What Is The Best Performance Upgrade For The $$$$&

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I have just bought a cream puff 1998 GS400 with only 60k miles on it. This is my second 1998 and my last one had 120k miles on it when some idot pulled out in front of me and totaled it. Anyhoo, my new one is the fully loaded model out of Texas with only 60k miles on it. It is strong, not one ding in it and want some advice for some performance upgrades. I'm sure I'll get some good feedback from this group, let me know.

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Intake: (Approximate prices)

Injen - $300

K & N FIPK - $300

SRT - $500

Exhaust: (Approximate prices)

Borla - $500

HKS - $600

Tanabe - $600

L-Tuned - $600

Torque Converter: (Approximate prices)

Precision Industries - $750

RMM - $800

LSD (3.76 gears): (Approximate prices)

Supra (torsen style) - $1600

TRD unit - $1200

Get one of each category and it will reduce your 0-60 times by about .8 seconds. I'm not too sure about the prices but its kind of a ballpark range. These will get you "started."


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