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Memory Seat


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Recently I had to jump start my 01' ES300 in longterm Airport parking lot, since then the memory seat is not functioning. I can move the seat up/down tried to reset with factory service manual but invain. I tried to look for a fuse but it looks like there is no fuse for memory function. The seat goes up/down forward/back normally.

Where should I look next?

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This is actually happening to a lot Lexus cars. The memory is set, but can't recall itself. Or the memory cannot be set for some reasons. I still haven't seen an a solution to this problem.

It seems like a simple problem. Of course most damm a$$ Lexus dealers want like an hour labor ($100) to just look at your car seat.

If you complain to BBB about your car, Lexus headquarter will respond to you with a generic answer. Nice car to drive, but poor service.

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