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Those Who Want To Buy An Es350


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$300?!? Who cares on a $40,000 car.

What happened to the $30,000 Lexus ES. Seemed like a fair price but 40K is way too much for what they offer.

There's no such thing as a $30,000 ES, unless you're talking about a used car! :chairshot:

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$300?!? Who cares on a $40,000 car.

What happened to the $30,000 Lexus ES. Seemed like a fair price but 40K is way too much for what they offer.

The sales pricing from the 1992 300+ has always been around 32-34k on the bottom of the line base price that NOBODY buys.

For years the Camry XLE's trim up to, or almost to base ES pricing, Avalon's mid-grade about 30K. You looking at the wrong cars bro LoL!

Here's every "signifigant" changed / introduced year of ES sales facts, published by Lexus. Trimmed as closely to today's 2006 ES 350 + the premium package option as possible with each year's published options, or packages.

The first number is the MSRP Pricing in USD, Sales only for USA.

The second number is the number of total sales for that year in the USA.

The third number is adjusted to inflation in 2005 money using an online calculator.

Bolt text indicates a mid-generation update. Bold + underlined = a completely new generation.

1990: $24,750, 19,534 sold, $36811.62

1991: $25,000, 17,942, $35278.42

1992: $29,950, 37,886, $40560.03

1993: $31,930, 40,678, $41982.00

1994: $34,270, 37,010, $43746.28

1995: $35,180, 38,225, $43769.89

1996: $36,195, 40,375, $45032.72, $43934.37

1997: $34,395, 58,494, $40533.48

1998: $35,285, 49,989, $40887.23

1999: $35,865, 45,665, $40904.84

2000: $35,850, 37,960, $39812.79

2001: $37,100, 35,030, $40235.31

2002: $35,480, 69,670, $37872.45

2003: $35,620, 60,993, $37423.12

2004: $34,210, 69,976, $37101.08

2005: $34,545, 79,170

So the comment of "They need to make them around $30,000" is not thinking.

The original ES250's MSRP is more than $30,000 in today's money. If you notice, the 1992 introduction of the ES 300, with its huge changes got damned expencive & It was worth it! (The gen3 platform is what took Camry paltform sales through the roof & really cemented them). Then the 97's rolled along with the 4gen Camry. Cleaned & tweaked gen3 up some & the ES's to the present have become feature loaden for the money you're actually paying. They've always been great price / valve VS their competition in the more Luxury end of "Entry level Sport Luxury Sedan", but they've only been getting more astoundingly better with the last 10 years.

I like how evenly the amount of cars grows with each increasing generation. It shows the platform itself is *extremely* successful. The ES 350 seems to be continuing that trend, equally 02-05 sales in just a hair over 8 months of sales!

Lexus/Toyota are smart. They probably realized long ago that if they jsut keep making small, constant efforts to improve the Camry platform. They'll always sell large numbers of nearly anything built of that platform. Especially Camry / ES's. They'll always be a market for this kind if car platform, aslong as they don't just run it nto the ground. (Which they haven't since the early 1980s! Which is a great track record!!!)

So $30 grand? Give me a break LoL! Go buy a Camry XLE. That's what $30 grand buys you in Today's money, even way back when.

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