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Static In Speakers!

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1998 Gs300

Here is the deal..I have an aftermarket radio in my car which was installed by circuit city. They had to do a little rewiring since I had a factory amp in the car already...everything was perfect. I also added some subs and an amp. this was 2 years ago....

So last friday someone broke into my car and tried to steal the radio. they disconected all the wires and for some reason couldnt disconnect the last wire...looks like a harness...

So today I take it to a shop to reinstall it and he looked at all the wires and said he has to test them to see where they go etc. Now, I dont know exactly what this guy did, but the sound quality of my speakers are absolutely horrible now! There is static/distortion on all 4 speakers, and the factory tweeters are not putting out "highs" like before.

Question is, even though the radio/subs work, can a wrong rewire job by the guy cause this? Could it be my ground wire causing this?

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Definitely one of two things:

Most likely the problem is that your positive and negative speaker wires are either touching, or reversed. Try switching them around to see if you get a better sound. If not, try using electrical tape around where they are connecting to the speaker and make sure there are no frayed wires splitting off and touching anywhere on the speaker or surrounding areas.

The second, less likely but still possible problem is your ground wire is bad. Try finding a spot on your car that is BARE METAL. This seems easy but can be difficult. If you can't find a good ground spot, try using a multimeter to test and find a good ground spot.

These are simple solutions that can easily be done at home. I would say go to Circuit City but those jack asses will probably just screw it up some more.

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