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Should We Have To Do The 5000m Service?


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Since I owned 06 ES330, I had follow the 5000mile service shedule in dealer. Each time I have to pay at least $100. But I only need to do oil change when I owned my Acura TSX every 10,000mile, which you pay only the fee to change oil. Do we have to do the servie every 5000 mile to keep the warranty valid? Or we can do a minimal oil change? Thanks!

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Aslong as you keep reciepts & write the mileage down on any oil change you do... You're fine. You should look at your owners manual. See the listed items for inspection, replacement & changing & follow that.

Also know that they're doing more than looking at the oil. Things like mounts, CV boots, etc are all being looked at.

Rotate the tires every oil change & do drain & fill on the transmission pan if you really want to get anal about it & have it wear well.

Just put a damn notebook in the glove-box & write down everything you ever do to your car... Oil changes, maintenece, etc.

I was fliping by Barrett Jackson afew months back (I hate that boring show). A guy with a nice vette worth about 35-40K was the original owner & wrote down every drive he ever took, everything he ever worked on for 30 years. (It wasn't a daily driver, just a sunny day car). It sold for like 80 grand just becaue of the book. Nice.

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