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97 Es300 General Concerns


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For my 97 ES300, I've got some general concerns and questions:

Well, for starters, I've got the typical radio display issue (half of it is basically unreadable for the a good 20 minutes or so of use, then slightly improves). Thanks to the info posted here on this wonderful community, I'll just go ahead and buy the replacement Pioneer display for 90 bucks. I was contemplating a whole new replacement radio because there's also a burnt out light behind the fade & balance knobs. That's no biggie though, just might have killed 2 birds with one stone. So THANKS to everybody for the posts.

I'm looking to upgrade my air intake, but not sure where to start. I know the big, bulky air-box space could easily fit anything that's out there. If anybody's got any suggestions, I would be much obliged to hear. I'm hoping to up my gas mileage, as well as trick the beast out a little bit. She's already a ripper, but a little extra boost never hurt nobody. What does everyone get for gas mileage, anyways? I'm hovering around an average of about 25 city&highway.

Back to sound system stuff: I've got a half-decent Sony Xplod woofer I might trade out with the factory speaker, but I'm not sure it would be worth a mean rattle coming from the back. Time will tell... Also, during a thorough detail job, I discovered that the passenger side door tweeter is completely missing! I don't know what happened with the previous owner, but I want my little tweeter back! I'll probably end up buying a replacement set and scraping the 1 that's still in there.

Thanks for the informative posts, I'm sure this forum will save me time, effort, and money in the future.

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