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Interior Plastic And Wood Maintenance Help

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Hello, everyone!

I'm new to the forums as I just purchased a very nice 2002 ES300. It's in pristine shape save for a few hairline surface scratches on some of the wood console trim, radio display face and instrument cluster clear plastic.

This is the kind of minor surface scratches that you get when the car wash guy's rag isn't clean when he wipes the car down. So, it's minor but I'd like to see if I can remove them anyway. (This is why I wash my own cars!)

What do you guys suggest for polishing the wood trim and the plastic bits? The radio trim looks like it might be the most challenging as there is a slight matte finish to it, presumably to reduce glare. I guess polishing that out would mean losing the anti-glare (sometimes I think it makes things worse when the sun hits it).

Any suggestions?



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I'm going to move this to the detailing forum.

To polish out these things I'd reccomend you look into the Novus series of plastic polishes. They have a 3 step system, start with step 2 and if that doesn't do anything move up to step 3. From 2, polish out with 2, and then 1.

The wood trim is genuine, but it has a urethane coating on it that can be polished.

Good luck and congrats!

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