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Heated Seat Switch


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My heated seat switch is stuck in the mid-position -- ie, it will not turn to low or high heat.

Any idea what is causing this -- can I open it up to see if something is stuck in there preventing it from moving.

thanks for any help.


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You can physically check out the heat switch by removing the wood trim surrounding the shifter and heat switches. Use a flathead screwdriver to pry up the corners of the wood trim, and it will pull up and out. Refer to the pic below for a visual.


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I had a similar problem except that one of my heater switches was stuck in the "On" position, so the heat seater could never be turned off....not so great in warm weather! But luckily it was on the passenger side so I didn't have to suffer, my wife had the "hot" seat :P It was interesting during long trips - she'd be sweating bullets while I was cool as a cucumber! :whistles:

I thought maybe I could open up the switch and fix it, but after lifting the switch out to examine it, I could see that fixing it was probably not going to be possible without damaging the switch further. The problem with Lexus is they make parts like this too well! The switch is very sturdily constructed and trying to get into it without breaking it apart would definitely be (IMHO) a challenge. I opted to buy a used switch from someone who was parting out his car. I think it cost me $20 and so it was easy to just unplug the old one and plug in the new one. To do so I didn't have to remove any part of the center console. With a small flat-head screwdriver, I was able to lift just the switch by gently and carefully prying up around it. There was enough length in the switch wiring harness to lift the switch and harness connector 3-4 inches above the console. I had checked with Lexus first about getting a new replacement switch but they wanted over $100 for one! :censored: My wife was more than willing to pay the money and get it fixed, but I said, No way! Gotta save a dollar wherever possible! :rolleyes:

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