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F - You?!


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You missed the other thread.

Well.. to be honest. Of course I missed it. I rarely ever go to the IS forums section. :P


PS Just so you [and everyone else] knows... I tried to 'edit' the subject line - but 'you' can't do that once a message is posted. After I posted it - I started to think that maybe the subject line was somewhat inappropriate. [Even though it wasn't meant to be]

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Whta would you like the title to be and i'll change it for you.

Hi SKperformance!! :)

I appreciate the offer to change the subject line. But now I'm not sure what to do. SW03ES is OK with it. Maybe I'm just being overly sensitive. I always try to avoid offending people - even indirectly.

I just thought it was funny. What with Lexus deciding to become the new 'F' word. [so to speak]

Oh well... If YOU aren't bothered by it [enough to want to change it yourself] then please just leave it as it is.


Craig!! :)

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