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Should I Keep This 01 Rx300?


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Hi all.

First I brought my rx300 in for the engine light, and LExus dealer told me that my rx300 got sludge oil and rear main seal also leaking...So Lexus dealer cleaned the sludge oil on my 01 rx300 AWD 50k miles plus valve cap and so on, and also replaced main seal, but the engine light comes back on agian...So I stopped there this morning, they said that 1 of my knock sensor is bad and wire harmness, so they swapped them around and that why they know there is only 1 bad knock sensor, I dont know about this.....so it costs $600 to fix it. So far I paid $1200 for rear main seal only...So my concern is will they fix this engine light 100%?, im affraid it might be something else? like there could be some sludge oil left in there??....Rightnow, I don't know whether trade it or keep it for while? but my wife really love this SUV.. any inputs??

thank you all.....

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I brought my car to a non-Lexus garage b/c the engine light kept coming on -no symptoms I could feel. Said the Mass Air Flow Sensor needed to be replaced...and did a few other things for $800. I drove my car about 500 miles and the engine light reappeared - on & off as it had before the repairs. I brought it back and he said could be a 100 different reasons - computer shows "no code" - brought it back for an oil change 2 months later light still on/off - checked again "no code" - light on/off continually - 14 months after replacement took to Lexus re: Oil Sludge car acting a little funny and light acting it's normal on/off. I do now have Oil Sludge and it says I need my Mass Air Flow Sensor replaced - I went back to other garage about the filter that I said did not fix the problem (engine light) within a week of replacement or months after - he said only 12 month warranty. Is an Air Flow Sensor something that should need replacement so often? Why does my engine light stay on/off continually? Any info on this problem - maybe just a bad light or bad code?? Does not really answer aboe question, but just to add to it ... could the light on/off be b/c of the Oil Sludge - would Oil Sludge affect the Air Flow Sensor??

Thanks - really like the site and everyone's info...

(RX300 1999)

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