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Headlamp Condensation


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I recently purchased an '04 RX330 and I've noticed since the weather turned cold that there is beads of moisture inside the front headlamps. There aren't any stone chips that would have caused condensation. Is this a common problem or could it be a defect covered under the factory warranty.

Please advise if you've had this problem.

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bring it in to the dealership when the moisture is still present. this condition either means the seal has failed, the condensate drains are plugged, or possibly the access covers are not secured on the back.

in the case of my gs, it was the seals that had failed. it would have been replaced under warranty, but mine has long since expired and to replace would cost me to the tune of at least $400-500 per light :(

edit: is your rx pre-owned? is there any accident damage? make sure that there isn't because sometimes some bad dealerships will look for any loophole to weasel their way out of a warranty repair.

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