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Hints On Buying 2000 Ls


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The main "querks" with the 2000 LS400 that I can think of are that the fuel tank capacity is slightly less than the 98-99 LS and it was the only model year of the LS400 in which the "brake assist" feature was included.

Like SK said, there have been past threads on this subject. On at least one thread are details of the three "Platinum Series" packages -- all three versions came with 2001 LS430 wheels, different leather, maple wood, CD changer, different floor mats. The non-Platinum versions with the dark wood and standard leather are nice too. (I think I like the standard leather more.) The most basic models - both regular and Platinum - do not have heated seats. HID was an option but I have never heard of a 2000 without it.

There were around $10,000 (retail) of options available in the 2000 model year. Looking back, I would not exclude cars with navigation and/or air suspension. Air suspension may not give all that different a ride, but it would probably prevent the rear from bottoming out on deeply rutted roads and inclines when the trunk is fully loaded. Air suspension was an inexpensive option in 2000. The nav is "old style" but Lexus has continued to offer updates.

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