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04 Gs300 Quality?

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Both my wife and next door neighbor have the 04 GS. Both were purchased brand new at about the same time. My neighbor recently had to get his master cylinder replaced (some kind of defect). Then his CD player and 2 speakers went out. Luckily, it was still under warranty. My wife started out with annoying rattling near the parking brake release. After about 4 different trips to the dealer, it was finally fixed. There is also weird a weird noise coming from the tires or suspension that the service dept hasn't been able to diagnosis. And my neighbor's service guy told him that he expects that the suspension on his model will go bad around 100k miles????? Just checking to see if anyone else had had any problems with this particular year.

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well even though its a lexus, its still a first year production.

1998 Was the first production year for the 2nd. gen. gs. I have a 98 gs300 and the only problem I ever had was #2 fuel injector had to be replaced in 05.

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Those certainly sound like irregular issues...

As for the suspension, 100k or so is about the lifespan of shocks and struts. Is that what the service guy meant? Thats just normal wear and tear.

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