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Ls 400 Hood Shock Replacement

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Following the link , and the information I found there within, I stopped by autozone today. To my surprize they had two of the Mighty Lift C95029 struts mentioned as aftermarket units that can be modified to fit a LS 400 hood. They listed at $15.99 each at the Autozone, and they were on the rack..

Using a 12mm open end wrench, I diconnected the bottom of each hood shock first, which made it easier as you could align the thing so you can get the wrench in the top. They came off really easily, didn't even break a sweat. The next instructions were ... well interesting.

The instructions said to drill into the side of the ball on the old struts, the goal being to free the ball from the socket. Man, on the first one, I had a hard time getting the bit to start because it's round. Not !Removed! around, I grabbed a bleep file (can I say that here?) and flattened a section. Pinged it with a centerpunch, and I was off to the races. I felt it break through into the socket, so I stopped to do a look-see. I had a small opening into the inside of the socket and I could see the ball move inside.

The directions said to push out this wire retaining ring . I stuck a scratch awl, thru the hole and tapped it outward toward the threaded part. After a little poking, the wire stuck out a little, so I stuck a small flat head screwdriver between it and the socket and it easily pushed out far enough to grab it with needle nose pliers. Exactly as the directions state. Only took me 30 minutes to do the job. 20 on the first, 10 on the second.

When you put them back on, you want to hook up the top first, The drivers side is easy. You'll notice that the swivel does go quite enough to allow the hood to open fully. Screw the thing in there then get someone to hold the hood so you can align the bottom bolt. On the passenger side, you have to make sure the bottom is aligned with it's hole because you can't swing it around like you can with the drivers side. I had to wrestle to get the top one in, but then it was cake.

The tools you will need are.

Electric drill with a good bit (3/8" worked for me.

A vise

A flat file ( I won't use the proper name as the mods will bleep me).

Scratch awl

Small flathead screw driver

needle nose or small pliers

12mm open end wrench

I'm quite happy, give it a try


hood_shock_tools.thumb.jpgLS Gallery

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I got carried away and broke off one of the balls on the original shock. Can I replace that part somehow. :censored::censored:

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