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Preventing Dust Attraction On Exterior Paint

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Nooo...those sheets will scratch the hell out of the plate.

Unfortunately, thats just part of having a dark colored car. You can play around with different waxes, some attract more dust than others. But you'll probably have to get used to just washing weekly.

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Anti-Static Detail Spray:

Finish Kare- 425 Spray Detailer – http:// www.fk1usa.com is produced with polymer resins, lubricants, Ulra violet radiation (UVR) inhibitors and patented anti-static agents that gently remove fingerprints, smudges, and other light contaminates while creating reduced dust attraction. For use on paint, glass, chrome, gel coat, fibreglass and Plexiglas (See also Car Duster)

Note- the use of polyester towels and friction on any surface will cause static, this can be avoided by using a 100% cotton towel (http//:www.DFTowel.com)

Maintenance- use a car duster, gently wiping (with negligible pressure) in one direction only

FWIW: Finish Kare are a well established company with some very innovative products...junk-I think not

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