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20" Wheels


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Just had a custom shop order a set of these wheels in the 20" version for me.



I saw them on a gs350 on the showroom floor at a Lexus dealership and just had to have them. I love them because they are classy. The dealership also had an ls430 with some nice wheels on it as well. I went to the shop that does all of their work and ordered them. I initially went there to get some of the 18" ls430 wheels but after seeing the EXEs, I had to have them. My buddy put some 20s on his 98 ls400 and I couldn't believe how well it still rode! 245/35/20. The owner of the shop told me that tires make all the difference. He had the best luck with the Toyo Proxes 4 and T1Rs so I ordered the Proxes 4. Check out the wheels and let me know what you guys think. I'll post pictures later.

Also, anyone else have 20s on their 400? Isn't it amazing how well the car still rides and handles??

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those are some really nice rims. If you dont mind, what is the total cost with the tires. I wouold love to get some rims on my 95 ls400 but im nervous about losing the nice ride and I dont want to have to drop my car. That benx looks as if its dropped a little. No matter what, rims always look better on a car thats dropped. Plus the 95 is a 2nd generation but a little boxier looking so the rims might be too much. What year is yours? Does that store have a website? Whats the name of the store?


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The wheel/tire package was $3000 tax included. I bargained a little bit. He started at $3200 + tax. The Lexus dealership wanted $5k additionally for the set (just shows you the markup on this kinda stuff!). You have the same body style as mine (96 ls). You won't need to lower your car. The rims on that benz were 22" I think.

I bought the wheels from JRs Custom Auto in Irving, TX. All of the Dallas Cowboys and stars go there to get their work done. Actually, he took me around his shop and had Emmit Smith's Mercedes and a few other athletes cars. They put 22" rims on their cars with 245/25/22 tires! That's no sidewall!!

You can go to www.exewheels.com or http://www.axiswheel.com/ to find a distributor near you.

Like I said, I was worried about the ride as well but you can barely tell from the stock wheels when you're driving. Good luck!

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I have 20's on my 98 LS and the ride is almost identical to what it was as far as smooth road comfort. Cornering is a little tighter. It will never be like my SC400 was, but it is sufficient in the corners.

The only warning I will give you for all aftermarket wheels is that you need a shop that knows their stuff. They need the latest and greatest balancing equipment and on-the-car balancing available if you can't get your ride smoothed out. Did you order these hub centric? If not, have them put rings in from day one. With a '96 you don't have the giant brake clearance issues and the large hubs of the '98 and up. Also, keep and store your OE rims if you can.

In our shop we have a computer system that lets you look at different wheels on your car. I know there are a few around online, I just can't recall them off-hand, I play with the one in the store. TSW wheels used to have one for their wheel line.

If you want to get an idea what wheel styles are available and what the brands are, you can try our website, www.goodroads.net. Just pictures really, not a lot of cars on it.

Good luck!

(SK, I have the same car as yours (98, silver), and I used to live close to Mississauga. Small world.)

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Did I mention that I put a staggered setup on my car? Ugh, don't ever do that. The car is too square for that BMW look and I have a very slight rubbing problem in the right rear when I turn left. I know how to fix that in about 5 minutes, so it's my own fault it still touches.

The wheels you show are deep. Very deep. Somehow that look just doesn't sit well with me on the big square sedan of the older LS's. I did it because 1. They were free, 2. I chewed up one of the previous aftermarket wheels I had that I hated, 3. it was a request from the Ruff Racing wheel group, kind of a corporate favor.

That said, I hope you love what you picked out. It could be an awesome setup.

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I'll see what it looks like. The shop owner says if I don't like the way they look, it's no problem to do something different. Acutally, the picture was of the deep dish rim (the ones they use on the rear if you stagger them). The regulars are not that bad. I didn't want to do the staggered thing because you can't rotate them and that dish definitely looked too deep. I should have them mounted this week.

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Mine are also staggered and lowered with JIC suspension about 2-3 inches. I do not rub except up front where i put an oversized tire of 255 instead of 245 i dont' mind the slight rubbing for the secutiry of extra cushion of the rims up front which take the most impact.

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thanks for the reply. Be sure to come back tp this thread and post pics whe u put the rims on!!

don't pay 3.000 for rim and tires am in jacksonville fl.

me and my brother have lexus .i have 02 gs430 and he have 04 SC430 if you have any question

call me . chino

Edit: Sorry, no unaurhotized advertising.


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