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Vibrations, Engine Death, A/c; All Cured!


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Hello, a couple of months ago, I adopted my new baby, SC 400 from a Mississippi pilot.

By the way, it had several problems including the topic title above. Thanks to variety of useful information on this forum, those irritable were cured completely. I REALLY appreciate those who left the tips on this site.

For baby-sitters who are suffering the problems of the model, I need to list up my trial and error about the curing process.

a) Vibrations:

Symptom: It was a headache to me everytime it was driven. Even at park it shivered. Especially, when the rpm reached over 2000, it trembled a lot.

Treatment: By mistake, Two engine mounts were replaced first, paying about 420bucks!!!. I had suspected the transmission mount might be a culprit, but the fact that the vibration occured even in park brought me to think more suspicios of the motor part. The symptom was the same, it proved waste of money... Later, change of transmission mount blow out the cronicle problem together with some other strange sound from the transmission. According to mechanics from the Luxus service, the engine mount lasts almost permanently. So, Vibration problem must go away by replacing transmission mount, costing 160 bucks something. Do not change motor mounts!!!

B) Engine Death:

Symptom: When a/c is turned off during slow speed or signal waiting, the motor is dead before driver know it. Or when pressing on brake to slow down, the engine is also dead.

Treatment: connecting 12v power lines of Fuel injector Ecu by rear seat of driver side and clean the throttle body ($80).

c) A/C

Symptom: New Freon lasted just a week or so. Service shop quoted 1300 bucks to replace something.

Treatment: Put two bottles of a/c Leak Stop in the a/c. And then, Freon was put in by using inflating kit. It worked a month or so. All you have to do a month later is to go to auto zone and buy a new freon to get icy wind.

Again, I really appreciate all those who provide their useful tips on maintaining the SCs.

Thank you.

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