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Feedback On These Wheels - Please.

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I've never been one to put much stock in public opinion - especially on items I intend on buying anyway. But because I'm not even remotely able to afford these yet, I just thought I'd solicit everyone's feedback on how you think these TSW Sakata 5's would look on an SC. They won't work on just any car, but I think they might be quite "choice" on an SC.

What do you all think? Sorry I couldn't do a photoshop job to give a better impression. Just use your imagination.



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You've got a point on the cleanability. Though it wouldn't be too challenging. Since i wipe my car down three times a week (in my garage), brake dust wouldn't have much of a chance to build up. Plus, I had a similar wheel design on my 2nd generation Integra (Konig Elan 4h)


Hey, I think they would look really good on the SC, but i do agree with grnsc40095 they will be a bit annoying cleaning, I myslelf have 10 spoke rims and it takes a while to clean em. But since you clean your car that often it shouldnt be a problem. If i were you i would definately save up and get them. Definetly update us when/if you get em.

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SuperCoupe400, I like the deep-dish style and the fact that it's a solid one-piece rim. The only gripe I have with the rim is that there are too many spokes. Hard to clean areas, when the brake dusts build up.

Couldnt have said it better myself.

How much does this rim weigh?

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