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Driving Modes

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It's obvious that the ECT Snow Mode should be used when driving in snowy conditions, but when is it best to switch over to the PWR mode? Can switching be done "on the fly" while driving? Or must you be at a complete stop?

I'm a big fan of the PWR mode because it gives the car the boost that it needs. But, when I'm driving my grandma around, I switch over to the normal mode...it keeps her heart rate at a good pace!

What are the pro's and cons of driving in PWR mode all the time?

Thanks everyone!

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if i have heard correctly, the power mode only holds the gear longer so you can rev higher. you can switch it on whenever you like, going or stopped.

if you feel like the car is actually getting a "turbo" like boost, you are actually imagining it because you know you have pushed the button. Personally, i see no difference, but it is suppose to hold the gear longer. Many people on this forum just keep it on the PWR button all the time.

pro: more power???

con: worse fuel economy

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Power mode makes the throttle more sensitive/responsive and the transmission will downshift earlier than in normal mode. That's where the performance comes from. Naturally shifting into lower gears sooner and more often is going to cost some gas mileage.

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I've found that when clicking on the PWR button it adds responsiveness and a faster down shift when you are in auto mode. I do believe it allows for more than just being able to rev higher and down shift faster. I notice a big difference between all three modes.

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