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Extented Warranty


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I would like if anyone has bought an extended warranty before the 50K factory warranty expires, I appreciate any input. I have an 05 ES330.

when you are choosing ANY extended warranty, read all the fine print. Some are better than others.

Also consider how much a month you will pay vs. how much you will pay out for what little maint. may be required in the long run if you keep your vehicle constantly maintained.

I have a 2002 with 84K miles. The car has yet to see the shop for anything mechanical since the warrantly ended. Had I bought it, I would have lost money. All oil changes, fluid flushed, filter changes are done regularly.

Extended warranties can actually cost you more than they will save.

Think hard and investigate all that is covered, not covered and how much is covered.


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Ditto. While good warranties are priceless when *BLEEP* hits the fan.

I'd *much* rather see someone spend $150 installing an auxillary engine oil cooler, a good filtration system, a transmission cooler. And bringing anything fluid, or grease related back into like new conditions. (Changing, flushing, and cleaning)

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I have to agree also on an extended warrenty. The clauses that try to wiggle out of paying and the hassel of trying to get something covered can be a pain. The way cars are put together (especially the Lexus) make the warrenty a very good deal for the seller and a poor choice for the consumer.

I was a service writer back in the 80's for a dealership. Every vehicle that was still within the factory warrenty that came through the door we were to make a sales pitch for an extended warrenty. Only about 8% of those that were bought ever used the warrenty and most of these had a repair for less than the cost of the warrenty.

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Perhaps my luck was bad but my Lexus extended warranty on my 90 LS400 paid for itself several times over. I had numerous repairs under warranty, some of which would have exceeded $1000.


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