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Can I Use A 2 Wire O2 Sensor In Place Of 1 Wire ?


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Hi all,

I stupidly bought the wrong sensors (ie. sensor with the wrong number of wires) as the LS400 in the US and Japan are different. I now have two 2 wire sensors and the car has single wire sensors. As both are unheated and the extra wire is earth (which 1 wire sensor does through its body) can I just use the 2 wire sensor and earth the sensor to the exhaust ? I did a bit of a search on the web without much success.


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I am not familiar with 2 wire sensors. If you have a DVM and a butane torch you can heat the sensor and measure the voltage (to ground). It will read between 0 and 1 volts when hot. 0 to .2 will be a blue flame and .7 to .9 will be a yellow flame. The lead that shows those voltages should be the same as a one wire sensor.

Sensors are sensitive, they require a high impedance meter such as a newer DVM. I use a one wire sensor in an MG to 'dial in' the carbs. They will find the neutral mixure point, and will even pick up the difference between regular and E15.

- Dan

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