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Contacting Tm Engineering


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Hello All, Does anyone know how to contact TM Engineering? I placed and order almost two weeks ago and haven't gotten the product or an status on my order. I emailed them, but they don't reply. I called them and they don't answer. When I finally got someone, they say it should ship Saturday or Monday (last week). I called them many times and email also to see if I can get a tracking number, but no answer to phone calls or replies to my emails.



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Here's the link to TM Engineering, but I would strongly suggest not getting the Bushings Kit. The ones that I attached to my control arm, squeek and are rough over bumps.


Our fellow member Jibby has modified his SC with some Supra parts. Perhaps you could attempt to do something similar.


Good Luck

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thanks for the link, but that just takes to their main website and all it tells you to do is to email sales which I've done a few times now and still haven't gotten any replies.

thanks for the info on the bushing. lucky i didn't order them. i just ordered the tein cs and edfc kit. i'm going to see how it feels after installing those and if it still not up to par, i'll probably go with the supra tt control arms.



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