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Rpm Drops


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Hey, I've recently been having some weird problems with my car. Everytime i tap the gas pedal and let it go, the rpms drop by about 100-150 rpm then come back up. So basically the car begins to move, stops and then moves again. It is like an aggressive jerk forward. Any ideas on what this could be? This happens in drive and when backing up, if that matters. I also noticed that my transmission has been changing gears some what hard aswell. Any suggestions for what to do or try? Thanks!

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haven't got a clue what would cause that. How old is your alternator and your fuel filter?

I wonder if its due to a bad spark plug or cable.

Thanks for replying. Everything you mentioned is brand new except alternator. I just ordered seafoam, so ill try cleaning out my system, hopefully its nothing more then just some dirt getting in the way. Ill let you know how that goes.

Any other suggestions will be great, Thanks!

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