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Power Window Question

Ross W.

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Hi all

I haven't posted for awhile! Been busy and my car has been flawless!

Well, until yesterday that is. I got into my car when I was done shopping, and when I closed the door and started the car, the driver's door window motor (I assume) started going nuts all on it's own: VVVVRRRRRRGRAUNCH! Which it did twice, and after the second time, the window switch wouldn't work the window. Five minutes after, the window was working fine, and so far it hasn't repeated itself. Has any outher Gen1 owner experienced this? It was kinda creepy; it was like there was a wild animal trying to gnaw it's way out of my door!

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Check the harness going from the front of the door into the cabin............Sounds like it's getting pinched.

I've considered that or a small bit of conductive fluff got across the poles of the switch or the relay. I'll start looking around when I have time. Thanks!

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