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Newly Bought Sc400, Looking To Upgrade


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A big hello to everyone on the forum. I am a 23 year old small business owner from Northeast Indiana. Just over a month ago, I purchased a 1996 SC400 with 58k miles. I am the second owner. I love the car. It is in excellent shape as the original owner took excellent care of the car, even performing a 60k mile check that included a new timing belt and fluid flush.

I chose the SC because of its reliability and value. Having been the previous owner of only a 1993 Ford Taurus GL, 260 horsepower is new to me. At the same time, I am looking to upgrade. With the money I saved over a GS4, M3, S4, or CLK55, I am looking to invest some of the difference into getting my car in the same ballpark of performance. Currently, my SC is completely stock.

I have done some reading of this forum, intellexual, planet soarer, club lexus, and lextreme. The torque converter by Precision Industries appears to be a must have to increase off the line acceleration. It is universally considered a "Great Mod", and it is something I am definitley ordering and installing in the coming weeks.

After the Dragon, I plan on adding an LSD. I have read that certain Supra Torsen models are easily compatible. I also notice that TRD makes a very good LSD that works with the SC400. My questions are these:

(1) What is the difference in functionality and performance between a Supra Torsen and TRD LSD?

(2) What is the difference in compatibility between the stock drive mechanisms and a Supra Torsen or TRD LSD?

(3) Specifically, what models of the Supra Torsen and TRD LSD should be found?

(4) How does one go about finding and/or ordering the Supra Torsen and TRD LSD?

Thanks in advance for any insight that can be offered. It is appreciated as I know very little about cars-



As a postscript, my current attack plan is to completely upgrade the exhaust system after the Dragon/LSD conversion. I hear the exhaust is meant for luxury and shackles the car's performance. I will ask more questions about the exhaust when I am ready for that step. Currently, the LSD is puzzling me and presents my most immediate questions.

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I believe one of biggest differences between the Stock Supra and the TRDs is strength. One of the TRD Limited Slip options available is a 1.0 and another is the 1.5.

I'm not sure if you've had the opportunity to read the Thread entered by JIBBBY. Some rather interesting suggestions.


When you're ready to order visit a Toyota Dealer; they'll give you some suggestions and keep the Part Numbers Handy. You can type those Part # in Google and get a few links that might help you.

You can talk to the parts guys at Carson Toyota.

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While changing the torque converter, air intake, exhaust/headders, ECU chip, etc. has been well reported by member Jibby, you might get some more bang for the buck for real day driving by upgrading the tires and brakes. I kept my original 16" wheels and put on goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 tires from tirerack.com. Great in the dry and even better in the rain. If you want to go fast make sure you can stop fast too.

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