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Headlights In Auto Position?

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When I have the headlights set to come on auto then turn the car off they automatically go off in about 30 seconds. The same happens when I turn the headlights to the on position because they sometimes don't automatically come on when I want them to. My question is, when I manually turn the headlights on, they turn the car off, the headlights automatically go off in about 30 seconds, just like when I have the headlights in the auto position, does this wear down the battery? If I want the headlights on all the time can I simply keep them turned to the on position with no problems?

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I don't know why you'd want to do that. Headlights going off is a convenience feature to keep you from leaving them on and going away and the battery running down. Use the auto setting or just turn them off.

The dealer can change the lights off delay for you via the personalized settings. The options should be in your owner manual.

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