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Key Fob 99 Ls400 - Battery


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Hi there,

The key fob remote for my LS400 (1999) has died. Does anyone know which lithium battery I need to buy? Similarly, is the replacement as simple as unscrewing the key, putting the battery in, and reassembling the key? I haven't been able to find conclusive information as to whether or not I have to go through the open door/close door / pedal dance / etc procedures. Hopefully the remote will work just like its twin, once I replace the battery...


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I replaced mine before it died, so I don't know if it needs a special procedure to get it going again, but I doubt you'd have to. The battery is pretty standard. My '98 takes a CR 1616 battery. One screw to take the key apart, 2 more screws to uncover the battery. The hardest part is finding a microscopic Phillips-head screwdriver!

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Thanks! I wound up actually taking it to a Lexus dealership -- they just charged the cost of the battery ($4.99), which was consistent with what Radio Shack was charging..and of course, they replaced it for me. A big help..

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Thanks for the tip.

FYI - The '91 LS400 takes a CR1216 (3V). $4 at the local HW store (they did not replace it for me.)

- Dan

I hope this is not a dead post but does anyone know if that is the same battery as the 93 LS400? I have the same problem.

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