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Ebrake Drag


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I've had this "towing a boat" and shimmy sensation for a few weeks, so last night I jacked up the rear of the car, drivetrain in N, and spun the back wheels. They sounded horrible! Like metal on metal. So, I pulled the rotors off, and spun the hub...nice and quiet. The damn ebrake shoes were dragging on the rotors, so I simply adjusted the shoes to their most inner setting, which basically makes the e-brake useless, but no more noise and towing the boat feeling.

why do these things adjust like that so often? I'm thinking it's related to the fact that I have to prop up the ebrake lever in the car to disengage it. Either way, I've had enough of that damn ebrake. Since I'm no longer living on the Widow's Peak driveway, I figure screw the dang thing.

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