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Just Bought Newer Ls400


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I picked up a 1991 Ls400 with only 75,000 miles! In mint condition except for the front end damage, from hitting a guard rail (icy conditions). It needs new bumper, headlight assembly and some of the parts behind the bumper. The hood and right front fender are slightly damaged. I think they could be fixed easily. The color is pearl white. The owner drove the car after the accident and said it still drives the same. The insurance company wrote it off- too expensive to fix (that's with all new Lexus parts). I know a guy at work that knows the history of this car, as it was his uncle's car. He is now in his 70's. He put on about 62,000 miles and lived in a small town (always in a garage). He then sold it 3 years ago to another, of this guy's (at work) uncle, in his late 50's(and always kept it in a garage). He had it until it reached 75,000 miles before hitting the guard rail. He claims he forgot to put the traction lock back on and was a factor in the accident. He bought it from the insurance company and then I bought it. My Lexus has 288,000 miles and is still running good, but not as good as the damaged one. Now I have lots of parts/options. I could tranfer all the parts off my old car (which is grey in color) and keep it for parts. I could look for aftermarket parts for the damaged car, fix it up, then sell my "older" Lexus to pay for the damage. Or I could keep the older Lexus for a back-up car! Cool eh? Looks like I will be driving a Lexus for at least another 10 years! :D

Daffy :cheers:

Ps, I will take pictures as soon as I get it home!

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