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Ls430 And Timing Belt


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Hello everyone - newb here.

I am looking at a certified 2002 LS430 with 51K miles. After searching here it appears this year is still using a timing belt (they went to chain in 07). Can anyone tell me for certain what the maintenance interval is for changing the belt, water pump, etc. both in terms of time and miles? If it is 6 years or 90K miles then it would soon be due for a change based on time (titled in fall 2001). How much would it cost at the Lexus dealer for this maintenance?

I love the car but don't care for scheduled high dollar maintenance items like this. I had a timing belt break on a Honda once before it was scheduled and of course it had interference - high dollar issue.

My alternative is to purchase a new Maxima or Camry which are using chains now. Obviously not the same class of car but new and less to purchase. The Maxima is very well equiped and I get MP3/WMA, aux jack. Either way my plan is to purchase the car and keep it for 10 years or 200,000 miles.

Thanks for any feedback.

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It's every 90k miles or 72 months. You are going to be looking at $1,200-$1,XXX for the 90k service at the dealer. An independent Lexus garage would probably charge around $1k.

I wouldn't let a bad belt experience deter you from a car with a timing belt. What happened to you was very, very rare. Carmy...yawn, Maxima...blah, get the CPO 430 and be done with it. B)


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