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Overzealous Maintenance Personnel

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So I brought my IS 350 in on Friday for my 5,000 oil change and all I can say is thank God for having the large panes of glass in the waiting areas that allow the patrons to watch the technicians work on the cars. Up goes my car on the lift, out comes the old oil, and then the technicians proceeds to pull off my tires and rotate them.

"That's standard service," you say. I agree, except that I have uni-directional tires and my rear tires are wider than my front ones. I quickly pointed it out to a service rep and the tech sheepishly corrected the error. Had I not caught this, I'd like to think that I would have spotted it when the car came back out to me, or at least noticed it when I tried to drive away, but it's not doing much for the credibility of "factory trained technicians."


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That has happened in a few cases. One guy discovered they'd done that when his tires were rubbing in the front. The service "advisors" I"ve talked to realize you can't rotate the tires, but I don't know about the service techs. I could see it happening maybe a year ago when the cars were first out, but by now they should know the difference.

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