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Running Lean


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Hey guys, i have a 2000 Es300 and the check engine light is back on again. code was read at auto zone ,

P0171. I have read about the things to check, loose air hose, incoreect fuel pressure,etc. I have cleaned the MAF sensor in the past and it has worked for about a month with good results, but the check engine light always comes back on. I went and bought a new MAF sensor and guess what? The light comes back on. I havent been able to find any air leaks, and the fuel pressure is ok. I changed the plugs today and they were pretty white. so it is obviously running real rich. I am going to check the resistance of the MAP sensor tomorrow and the ECT sensor also. Could the problem be coming from a bad o2 sensor? If any of you guys have run into this problem and could give me a direction to go, it would be greatly appreciated. The car doesnt run that bad , other than being sluggish, but i dont think it is good for the motor running that lean. Thanks in advance for any helpful replies.

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