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92 Es300 Overheating In Rain?


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Has anyone ever had a problem with overheating only when it rains? I started overheating the other day while it was raining, I took the car in to a local shop and they said the only problem they could see was rust in the coolant, and a hole in the reservoir which they say would not have caused the problem. So they flushed the system, changed the thermostat, and sealed the hole. The car was running great for about a week until today when it started raining again. I know the car has had alot of electrical issues and I was wondering if having the extra power going to the wipers could affect something else? (probably a dumb question to most of you). There are no leaks anywhere besides the hole in the reservoir, which only leaks steam. Could that hole be the problem? Could water splashing up while driving cause this issue? (probably another dumb question). Maybe its splashing an open wire? Any thoughts or advice? Please help!!

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