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2008 C Class


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No offense, but I personally like the design of the current C better than the redesign. They're trying to shape an S-class design into a small C-class car.:wacko: :P

I am not crazy about it either. Here is a link to a MB form that has some more pics too... http://mbworld.org/forums/showthread.php?t...highlight=class

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Still looks like an economy car with the Escort-proportioned high roofline and short front and rear decks. Unimpressed.

In fact, thats one of the main reasons I bought the ES over the C or the 3, it was one of the only $35-40k entry level luxury cars that WASN'T proportioned like an economy car.

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the C class had always been a small S class, they always tried to make it that way and ended up with what some people call "the poor man's benz".

also, the 8 unreliable cars on that list are mostly cars that have not been redesigned. we are entering an age where Merc is bringing back the quality, starting with the S class and now with the GL. im guessing all these redesigns will be better built, well im assuming.

I dont want to sound like i was part of the production of the C class, but sometimes its hard to tell with pictures and the proportion. It might look better in real life, just like the ES350. everything grows on you.

i do like the rims thought, i hope they get into production! :lol:

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we are entering an age where Merc is bringing back the quality

For their sake, I hope so. I have never had good luck with the German cars I've owned. They're fun to drive, but (from my experience) they break far too frequently.

I used to lurk in some of the MB forums, and they are full of horror stories. Of course, I understand that people who get good service from their vehicles aren't likely to start threads. Go see for yourself. Flip back and forth between this forum and a Mercedes forum, and you'll see what I'm talking about.

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