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2000 Es 300 - Sputters When Gas Pedal Is Floored


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Hi Everyone.

Still a newbie here. I have an ES300. Nice car, but recently the check engine and trac lights came on. When I floor it the car just sputters. The gas pedal works to about half throttle, but not much after that.

I pulled a P0171 out of the computer and checked the O2 sensors, both banks. O2 sensors are with in spec and so is the TPS.

Even if I am in neutral and at an idle, I can put the gas pedal to the floor and it chokes.

Any suggestions?



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Hey that worked great! I was able to follow the instructions on testing with an Ohm meter, and take into account the temperature.

The meter reading was 1.909 - 2.010 at a temp of 65 F. The specs call out 2.2-2.6 at 68 F. It was not far out of spec but that sure solved the problem.

That is a different solution than I expected. It felt like the car would run out of gas when the pedal was floored. I almost replaced the fuel pump before finding this forum. Very glad I did not.

Thanks again!

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